The Spring offers on Amazon are constantly welcome. We put together a list of the very best deals that are happening now in April 2019 so hurry up and get the best offer before they run out of products!.

Whether you’re looking for a new laptop, tablet, headphones or a TV soundbar, you are in the right place.

Amazon is starting April with strong discounts on a big variety of products, from their Echo Dot 3rd Gen to Sound Smart Lighting Spotlights.

For a limited time, you can get the Echo Dot 3rd Gen w/ 2 Hue Smart Light Starter kit for $89.99. The Philips Color Smart Light Novice Kit alone usually sells for $149.99 whereas the Echo Dot 3rd Gen is priced at $49.99. By getting the bundle offer you will get $110 off.

With its much better style and significantly boosted audio, the third-generation Echo Dot is Amazon’s best speaker yet.


Best Deals 2019

Below we name a full list of the best Amazon deals for this April 2019.

Amazon Devices

Amazon offers a line of products from its branded hardware on sale including the Echo Dot 3rd Gen for $39.99($10 off).

Apple Devices 

Amazon dels on Apple devices are really good. Beware that the discount prices will depend based on color, so make sure to click all color and storage capacities if you don’t see the sale price listed below.

Tech Under $50


Audio and Home Entertainment