We give you the best pressure cooker reviews so you can find the one that fits your kitchen needs


You Probably already hear about the Instant Pot Models so we review each model as well we compare them so you can understand the difference between each series.

  • LUX Series: Is the most Budget friendly of the bunch and features 6 functions in 1 giving you the ability to not only pressure cooker but also can cook in Saute mode, Slow Cook, Rice Cook, and work as a Steamer and Warmer.
  • DUO Series: The Best Seller that dominate the Pressure cooker world since day one. It can perform all the same functions as the 6 in 1 but it also includes the Yogurt Function and ads Low Pressure and Lod Holders into the Mix
  • DUO Plus Series: The Evolution from the DUO 7 in 1 is the DUO Plus featuring now 9 in 1 functions giving you all the features that made the DUO model the Best Seller and adding to the mix the ability to cook cakes, eggs, and Sterilize all your utensils, as well baby bottles!
  • ULTRA Series: The latest models that is 10 in 1, giving you the ULTRA feature that will make your machine looks more like a 1000 in 1 appliance since you can perform all the same functions as the DUO Plus series but gives you the ability to choose between different cooking times, temperatures, and choose between two types of pressure.

But there are more Cooker besides the Instant Pot models just like the Cuisinart Models that can also perform as multifunctional cookers, or the As Seen on tv Power Pressure Cooker XL

We also review the Best Pressure Canners available so you can find the best for your canning needs!

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