If you are trying to find The Right Size Rice Cooker for your needs you need to ask your self what types of rice you cook? how big is your family? Do you like rice-based dishes?

Will certainly an average to medium size be okay or are huge rice stoves the much better method to go. Or do you truly require an Additional Large version for those unique celebrations?

There is a range of rice cooker of different size and prices, which makes it tough to choose the one that is appropriate for you as well as your household. Yet size is just one of the important things to think about when picking a rice cooker.


Choosing The Right Size Rice Cooker For Your Needs

Rice cookers of different sizes are readily available for domestic and industrial usage:

When explaining the dimension of a rice cooker, the cup supplied with the item is usually utilized as the conventional means of procedure:

  • For family usage, 3-cup, as well as 6-cup rice stoves, are commonly made use of.
  • For industrial use, you can obtain bigger 10-cup and 20-cup rice cookers.
  • While describing the dimension of a rice cooker, the cup supplied with it is generally used as a standard procedure.
  • Usually, that cup has 6– 8 ounces of rice, relying on the version.
  • You can make 1 1/2 to 2 1/2 mugs of fit to be tied or prepared rice with one cup of uncooked rice.
  • While choosing a rice stove, you require to maintain this in mind to evaluate its capacity.

Though the quantity of rice you will certainly get after it has actually been cooked in a rice cooker depends mostly on the amount of water and the kind of rice you have made use of, it will be close to the approximate number provided above.

3-Cup Rice Cooker

A 3-cup rice cooker can cook up to 3 mugs of raw rice, offering up to 6 mugs of steamed or cooked rice. This likewise relies on the high quality of the rice as well as the amount of water utilized for this purpose. This rice cooker might be the appropriate option for a small family of around 4-5 people consume rice in one dish.

6-Cup Rice Cooker

Rice cookers of this dimension are bestsellers. This rice cooker can formulate to 6 mugs of raw rice, offering you 9– 10 mugs of fit to be tied or cooked rice. On a standard, this rice stove can be used to make rice for 5– 7 people in one dish.

It might be the best choice if you have a small household, which consumes rice more than daily. It can likewise give rice for 2 dishes, which is cooked when in a day. By doing this, this rice stove will certainly also reduce your energy usage.

Some of the rice stoves of this size also have a cozy attribute, which maintains the rice warm and in good condition till you eat it on the same day.

10-Cup Rice Cooker

A rice stove of this size can cook up to 10 mugs of raw rice, providing virtually 20 cups of steamed or prepared rice. These rice stoves appropriate for huge households or little dining establishments where 15– 20 people eat rice at one dish.

It benefits medium-size households too if rice is the main ingredient of the everyday diet plan. A lot of the rice stoves in this group have a cozy feature to keep the rice good and cozy for the whole day to ensure that it can be made use of at the following meal on the very same day.

15-Cup Rice Cooker

These large rice cooker can use 15 cups of raw rice to serve 25– 30 people at one meal or 12 to 14 people having rice-based meals two times a day. They are mainly utilized for big and extended families or dining establishment functions. Their keep-warm mode can keep your rice wonderful and also warm throughout the day so it can be used later in the day.

When buying a large rice cooker it is necessary to remember that the device needs to not be filled up to its maximum capacity. To obtain the best results, load it to 1/2 or 3/4 of its maximum capability. Whether you intend to utilize a rice stove at home or commercially.

20-Cup Rice Cooker

These rice cookers can make up to 20 mugs of raw rice to serve virtually 35– 40 people at one dish. They are generally used for business objectives. Their keep-warm mode can maintain your rice great and also warm throughout the day so it can be made use of later that day.

While purchasing a bigger rice cooker, bear in mind that it must not be filled to its maximum capacity. To get the best outcomes, load it to 1/2 or 3/4 of its optimum ability. Whether you intend to utilize a rice cooker at home or commercially, the info given in this short article will help you to pick one of the best sizes.

Extra Large Rice Cooker

At Kitchen Genie we have actually created the additional huge Cooking area Genie 45 mug rice cooker which might appear huge but it was established because of requirements from customers in Africa as well as the Center East as in these countries it is not uncommon to have huge family members of say 8 to 10 individuals in each household gathering along with 5 or 6 various other big households on get-togethers. Eg family members wedding events, spiritual ceremonies, etc.