The Instant Pot is a great Multifunctional Cooker that improves your time in the kitchen and the quality of your overall meal. Cooking under pressure can take up to hours, but no with the Instant Pot cookers.

From the box, once you get your Instant Pot you will also have a stainless steel inner pot, that works great for most recipes. Nonetheless, some types of foods get stuck into the stainless steel, and especially when it comes to foods like rice or pasta.

That’s when the Ceramic Inner Pot turns out into the second-best addon for your IP. Below’s how to use it on your daily use.

The Instant Pot Ceramic non-stick Inner Pot is made of Teflon, PTFE as well as PFOA totally free. Safe and free of damaging chemicals, the non-stick surface makes it easy to tidy. Having a second Inner Pot makes it practical when preparing multiple recipes with your Intant Pot Pressure Cooker.

The Ceramic Non-Stick Inner Pot is available in 3 sizes for the 3, 6, and 8 quarts Instant Pot Multi-Use Electric Pressure Cookers.


  • Plastic PTFE and PFOA free
  • Dishwasher Safe that makes it great for Cooking Rice or Pasta
  • Having a second Instant Pot Inner Pot makes it very easy and convenient to prepare numerous recipes together
  • Can be transferred to the oven where it is secure to 360c/ 680f

How to use the Ceramic Inner Pot from your Instant Pot?
  • Very first point’s very first, you’ll require to purchase the ceramic internal pot. The Immediate Pot comes with the stainless steel pot by default, so a ceramic one would certainly be sold individually from various merchants like
  • To utilize it with your Instant Pot, make sure that you remove the stainless-steel inner pot from your Instant Pot initially.
  • Place the ceramic internal pot within your Instant Pot and established the stainless steel one aside, or shop it somewhere.
  • Run your Instant Pot as you generally would. If you now have 2 internal pots for your Instant Pot, then you can make use of the various other right after your first dish is prepared.
  • The ceramic inner pot additionally has actually the included benefit of having the ability to be moved to the oven, up to temperatures of 360 degrees Celsius or 680 levels Fahrenheit.

There are a few things to keep in mind about the ceramic inner pot, though.

The ceramic cooking pot is not completely ceramic, as that would lead to cracking when under pressure. Rather, the pot itself is made of a lightweight aluminum material that is covered in a ceramic, non-stick finish.

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If you’re concerned regarding chemicals in the finish, do not stress! Instantaneous Pot makes certain that the layer is Teflon-, PTFE-, and also PFFOA-free, and that it’s entirely safe and also devoid of damaging chemicals.

Likewise, if any recipes you are making with the ceramic pot need some oven time, the ceramic pot itself is able to hold up against the warm in an oven as well. So if you need to broil something, say an entire poultry, after that you can simply pop the ceramic pot into the oven for a couple of mins and also it needs to be fine.

It’s finest to avoid utilizing steel utensils so you don’t scratch or chip off the layer. Wooden and plastic tools function best with the ceramic pot.

To get a full glance at the inner pot replacement check the video below where you can see the 3qt and 6qt Ceramic Inner Pot