This 2019 came with a big Instant Pot update the IP MAX!. The Instant Pot Max is the latest model from the cult brand known for its advanced multi-cookers.

The upgraded model has a greater pressure threshold than the rest of IP’s items, along with sous-vide and also canning features, a completely automated heavy steam launch, and also NutriBoost, a modern technology that mimics the motion of boiling water by scrambling food in the pot to boost the taste as well as texture.

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The biggest update is that is the first pressure cooker able to reach up to 15 PSI. It’s also the most costly Instant Pot on the marketplace, so we placed it through a variety of examinations to see exactly how it contrasted to the remainder.

Instant Pot MAX What is new?

Sous Vide

I compared limit’s sous vide feature with the ChefSteps Joule immersion circulator. It took 47 (!) mins for 4 quarts of water to reach 140 ° F– my wanted temperature level– with limit, and just 12 mins with the Joule. As well as though the display for the Max checked out 140 ° F, my instant read thermometer registered 135 ° F( it consistently read 140 ° F with the Joule).


Because the Instant Pot Max is able to get to greater temperatures at 15psi, it can be made use of for canning reduced acid foods. Great in theory, however, there’s no other way to check the internal temperature of the Max while it’s pressurized. You have to rely on the display screen temperature level, which I really did not have wonderful results within the sous vide examination. This is high-risk– 250 ° F is the required temperature level to eliminate bacteria– so I don’t suggest using the Max for stress canning.


A self-stirring function that makes use of quick, recurring releases of steam to jostle the components of the pot, NutriBoost measures up to its hype. It keeps rice from adhering to the bottom of the pot and also helps accomplish a luscious texture for risotto by breaking down the external layers of starch. It likewise is available in handy for softening vegetables and also meat in soups or broth. I made risotto and also rice pudding using this feature, and also it did a far better job of achieving the appropriate appearance than the Ultra.

Automatic Quick Release (QR).

Though I love automatic QR, there are some missteps with its functionality. If you do not open up the cover when the QR cycle ends, the pressure will certainly start to develop once more and also you have to reprogram the Max to release pressure a second time … just to take the cover off. And also, if you put the cover back on the pot after, claim, offering yourself some soup, the Instantaneous Pot will reseal itself. This is absolutely not a “collection it and also forget it” device.


Instant Pot MAX Review


It has the stainless-steel outside as well as internal pot like many other multi-functional pressure cookers, yet the display screen is much more elegant than that of your regular stove. The 6-quart Max is hefty– heavier than the Duo or the Ultra. It really feels durable, however, it does not feel so hefty that you’ll strain your back attempting to raise it.

The touchscreen display screen and also the dial that sits in the lower facility portion of the display screen both improve the visual, while a variety of food preparation alternatives make the Max appear even more advanced. On the top portion of the display screen, there are options where you can specify your system setups. For example, you can establish your altitude (probably this exists in instance you live atop a hill). You can also establish your temperature choices (Celsius or Fahrenheit), audio preferences, as well as transform the moment on the display screen clock.


At a first glance, the Max seems a bit, well, pudgy, as well as in fact, it has to do with 2 extra pounds much heavier than the Duo as well as the Ultra. The control board, however, is what the Ultra should’ve been however isn’t: instinctive as well as simple to utilize.

Considering that it has fewer presets than various other models– just rice, soup, canning, and also yogurt– it’s tailored for people who like having control of both chef time and also launch. It additionally provides you so a lot more info about what’s taking place inside the pot than various other models, which I found to be a big benefit.


Due to the fact that the Max has 1100 watts, it’s able to accomplish a pressure of 15psi (pounds per square inch). (All other Instant Pot designs have 1000 watts as well as 12psi.) I presumed that would indicate it reached pressure quicker, however amazingly, that’s not the case.

I performed a side-by-side examination with limit and Ultra (both six quarts): after loading each pot with 1 cup water (73 ° F), setting to high stress for one minute, and doing a fast launch, I found that limit took about 1.5 minutes much longer to reach pressure than the Ultra, and also 4 seconds longer to fast launch. My Instant Pot Ultra was quicker than the brand-new Max!

Instant Pot Max Pros +

Touchscreen Controls.
The previous Instant Pot models had a huge electronic display that looked great, however, it was not a touch screen. The Max has both a wonderful cinema as well as a touchscreen capability. You’ll locate the most crucial food preparation choices are available with the Max, such as Pressure Cook, Yogurt, Canning, Soup, Slow Cook, Rice, Sauté, and also Sous Vide.

Likewise, the display screen will certainly offer you with updated info concerning the unit, such as the pot’s internal temperature. Along the top of the display, there is a progression bar which allows you know how close the food is to being done. When you need to vent the food, whether it’s a whole quick launch or a periodic launch, you can launch this feature with the touch display too.

The days of manual airing vent are over. The Instantaneous Pot Max allows you to program your venting and pressure food preparation prior to activating the stove. Once the cooking time has run out, the airing vent will instantly start. This implies you do not need to wait around and enjoy it anymore.

Removable Cable.
A practical update which permits you to conveniently store the cooker because the cable is no more completely connected. Now you’ll have even more space for storage space.

This is a brand-new feature which mixes your food for you in the pot. It attempts to move the food about promptly to match the movements of the boiling water in the pot. This is expected to assist cook the food much better, specifically if you’re preparing brew, rice, or dried out beans.

Pressure Canning.
If you intend to do canning in tiny sets, after that you’ll like this feature of the Instantaneous Pot Max. Simply be sure to make use of dishes which are suggested for pressure canning. Don’t do greater than 4 containers (16 oz. each) at once.

Sous Vide.
The NutriBoost attribute and the inner thermometer of the Immediate Pot Max allows it to be sous vide maker. You will certainly love the slow-moving stove attribute of this pot because it appears better than it carries out in the other models that came prior to it.

Mute Sound Alerts.
The digital noise alerts made use of to make sounds in previous models. The Immediate Pot Max lets you mute these audio notifies. By doing this, you can quietly prepare your food without disturbing any person around you.

Instant Pot Max Cons –

New Things to Learn.
The Instant Pot Duo let you begin cooking quickly considering that there was no LCD screen. You simply had buttons on the screen that you pressed to make points happen. As for the Immediate Pot Max, you require to learn how to regulate the venting effectively otherwise the food will certainly obtain overcooked. This requires you to check out the guidelines ahead of time.

More to Clean.
There is a valve inside the cover which you can remove to tidy. You might be frustrated with this type of small components that you need to remove and also clean.

Should I buy the Instant Pot MAX?

The Max is possibly one of the most user-friendly Instant Pots, and it’s certainly a top quality gadget. I assume it tries to be too much, yet it doesn’t catch the same magic as the Duo. It additionally feels a bit disjointed.

On one hand, the limit seems like it’s for the sophisticated chef, supplying added controls, even more, temperature settings, as well as features like canning. Yet, on the other hand, it seems like it’s for a beginner, with attributes like button-controlled stress launch and indication symbols that stroll you with everything.

I seem like Immediate Pot can have omitted some features, like pulse release and also the Sous Vide mode, and also instead offered the Max Wi-Fi capacities like the Immediate Pot Smart. Or, Immediate Pot could have left these functions out altogether as well as provided the item a lower price tag. The Max commonly costs about $200, which feels extremely high.

In general, the Max is an excellent tool, when you compare it to many various other multi-functional cookers on the marketplace. Yet, Immediate Pot established a really high criterion with the Duo and also with much of its other pots.

Who is it for?

Having in mind that the IP Max cost around $200, it will certainly go to the very least $50 greater than any type of other Instant Pot. That suggests it’s for the people that will certainly make use of the brand-new functions– specifically canning and sous vide.

If you’re just seeking the common multifunctionality that made Instant Pot renowned– slow food preparation, pressure cooking, and so on– you’re most likely better off with among the older models as well as filching some cash.

Instant Pot MAX
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The Instant Pot Max is the latest and most powerful IP model. Featuring a 15 PSI level that will give you the ability to use it as a pressure canner.