At this point, you already want an Instant Pot, the IP or instapot or however you called is one of the best solutions for fast and efficient cooking.

But be aware that there’s not coming back! once you get an Instant Pot there a big chance that you will get hooked up, and maybe start to talk a lot about how great your Instant Pot is, but no worries! there are support groups both and facebook and online communities where you can keep talking with no problem!

But let get real for a moment there a big number of stores where you can buy ai Instant Pot from online to physical shops.

We are going to start with the shops and below we going to give you small reviews of each model so in case you are not sure on which one is the right Instant Pot for your kitchen, you can get further information.

And in case you would like to know more about any model you can click a link that will take you to our full review of each Instant Pot Model.

So without further ado


Where to Buy Instant Pot?

If you are buying in the US you can buy an Instant Pot from the following stores:
1. Amazon
2. ShopMyExchange
3. Belk
4. BedBath&Beyond
5. Costco Wholesale
6. KOHL’s
7. Dillard’s
8. Fred Meyer
9. HEB
10. Crate & Barrel
11. Kroger
12. Macy’s
13. Meijer
14. Target
15. Surlatable
16. QVC
17. Walmart
18. Wegmans
19. Coast Guard Exchange
20. Williams Sonoma

If you are in Canada you can buy your Instant Pot from the following stores:

1. Amazon.ca
2. Best Buy
3. Bed Bath & Beyond
4. Canadian Tire
5. Crate & Barrel
6. C.A.Paradis
7. London Drugs
8. Hudson’s Bay
9. Loblaws
10. Costco Wholesale
11. Superstore
12. Walmart
13. Williams Sonoma

All the users living in the UK can buy Instant Pot from Amazon.co.uk.

So, here we have listed all the stores from where you can buy Instant Pot. If you found this information helpful, then please share it with your friends.

Different Instant Pot Models

The Instant Pot’s are available in different shapes and sizes. Additionally, there are various models of Instapot.

You can Check Our full Model Comparison

Below we are going to give you detailed info about each model or series if you find this information short you can click on the links and get our full Reviews on each one.


This is the most well-known model from the Instant Pot family, a Bestseller from day one until today.

The 6 quart IP-DUO60 is essentially a 7-in-1 multifunctional tool that incorporates the attributes of a stress stove, slow-moving cooker, rice cooker, yogurt manufacturer, steamer, warmer and sauté/ browning functionality.

It contains 14 built-in wise programs. These features assist you to prepare scrumptious recipes effortlessly. Instapot enables you to prepare at high as well as low pressures, for this reason, you make food swiftly or stay clear of overcooking delicate foods. It gives three temperatures such as sauté, slow cook and also automatic keep cozy function.

This IP is great for a household of max 6 individuals.

Check Our Full Review: IP-DUO60 7 in 1 Review


However, if you want to cook even more food, after that you can purchase Instapot IP-DUO80 which is nearly similar to IP-DUO60. This device includes more room, hence you can cook food for even more individuals. It is suitable for a family of 6-9 people.


This is one of the first cookers that came with more than 7 appliances in 1 this one is 10 in 1!.

In addition to normal buttons, it also has a dial so you can readjust things. New attributes consist of in this are Ultra, using which you can set customized cook times, temperatures and pressures, and also Sterilize, Cake and Egg functions which are readily available on the DUO Plus yet not in the normal DUO.

Some of the other necessary attributes include a cooking sign screen which shows you where you remain in the food preparation procedure (such as preheating, cooking or maintain cozy) and automated altitude change. Likewise, it includes a pressure launch button.

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IP-Smart Bluetooth

If you are searching for a tool for which you don’t intend to look after, then this is a fantastic choice. Right Here, 6-quart IP-Smart features include all the attributes which are readily available in 3 dimensions of IP-DUO.

Additionally, it attaches the Instant Pot with Bluetooth of your smartphone, thus you can regulate the Instant Pot without taking care of it. To utilize this function, you have to download the Instant Pot Smart Stove application.


This Instapot adds an added attribute of cake and also egg cooking features together with all the other features available on the Instapot.

When compared to IP-DUO and also IP-Smart Bluetooth variation, it does not have Bean/Chili, Poultry, as well as Yogurt settings as well as an additional option to prepare at low pressure.

Apart from this, it doesn’t possess accessories available in other models such as condensation collection agency and also cord rack.

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  • Where to Buy Instant Pot

Where to Buy Instant Pot

Where to Buy Instant Pot in 2019 sortes and Online shops