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Thanks for being part of Pressure Cooker Tips as a reader!

We are a team of 5 Reviewers from the US, although 2 of them are more involved in the back end of the site taking care of the technical stuff.

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Why we start this site?

We all love pressure cookers, from time to time we use to get together and cook different recipes with just one goal in mind (NBA), have fun with our friends and enjoy our time together.

But Aaron (an Instant Pot fan) started to make all these different recipes giving us a good lesson on IP and on being an awesome friend!.

So after a while, we started to make different recipes using not only Instant Pot (IP) but also traditional pressure cookers.

For years we were part of a Facebook group that was about pressure cooker recipes and started to blog on Tumbler a long time ago about the best recipes on a pressure cooker.

With time, readers started to ask about which were the best pressure cooker to buy for different recipes, and homes and that’s basically how Pressure Cooker Tips Started.