We like fish fillets as well as finding out exactly how to prepare raw fish fillets from frozen airborne fryer is extremely very easy.

They appear crunchy and definitely tasty! Icy fish fillets are better air-fried than a routine stove due to the fact that the warm distributing air makes the fish fillets crispy without needing to oil them.

Add some tarter sauce and also a couple of slices of lemon as well as voila! It’s perfect with the bright lemon juice and dip. And also if you wish to make it a meal, air fry some french fries after for a best fish and chips air fryer supper! All-time, temp, as well as details, are in the recipe box below.


How To Cook Fish And Chips in the Air Fryer?

It is extremely simple to prepare frozen fish as well as chips in the air fryer. You would merely add the frozen chips to the air fryer first.

After that delicately place the breaded fish over it. It makes it easy to prepare both the fish and also chips with each other at the same time.

Frequently when you have one air fryer its hard to keep one part of the meal cozy while you await the various other. However the magic occurs in our icy fish as well as chips due to the fact that they prepare together.

Halfway via food preparation you can eliminate the breaded fish with your spatula or with tongs, then shake the chips and afterwards add the fish back in, while you cook the opposite of the fish.

When the air fryer has finished you will certainly have fish that is so crunchy that you will failed to remember for a moment the number of calories you simply saved on your own.

How to Cook Fish in Air Fryer

With the air fryer in the game, excellent fish and chips have actually never been easier to make!

  1. Preparation fries, toss in oil as well as season. Include in air fryer.
  2. While fries are cooking mix breading mixtures for fish (per dish below).
  3. Bread fish as well as add to air fryer. Cook up until flaky.
  4. Include fries back to the air fryer as well as warm through.

The best method to cook fish in an air fryer is to make certain the fish fillets are consistently sized and that the breading is pushed right into each piece all the way around. Prepare the breading and also press right into the fish so it sticks so each piece french fries into a crunchy, crispy tidbit!

Ingredients & Variations

For this recipe, we chose fresh (or iced up) fillets of cod or halibut. Make certain they’ve fully defrosted prior to layer so the batter sticks. Any type of white fish can be replaced.

The fish is dipped in egg and afterwards in pancake mix. Any pancake mix will certainly operate in this recipe. The fish is after that dug up in experienced breadcrumbs for a crispy finishing.

Given that they’re starchy, russet potatoes are wonderful in this recipe. Similar to when we make stove fries, these are taken in water awhile initial to remove some of the starch outside and help them to crisp well.

Make certain the potatoes are truly completely dry prior to adding oil so they crisp as opposed to steaming in the air fryer.

Obtained a favored flavoring mix for the fish or potatoes? Include it to the breading or sprinkle it on the potatoes as well as fry away! Or, attempt our homemade spices blends like taco, Greek, fajita, Cajun, or perhaps powdered ranch clothing mix!

Air Fryer Frozen Fish And Chips Recipe


  • 2 Frozen Breaded Fish Fillets
  • 750 g Frozen Oven Chips
  • Metric– Imperial


  1. Place your oven chips into the air fryer basket and delicately position your breaded fish fillets ahead.
  2. Cook for 8 mins at 180c/360f.
  3. When the air fryer beeps, making use of a spatula remove the frozen fish from the air fryer and put to one side.
  4. Shake the frozen contribute the air fryer as well as include the fish back in, yet beyond.
  5. Cook for a more 8 minutes at the same temperature.
  6. Serve cozy with mushy peas.


You can use any type of breaded frozen fish fillets that you have. We utilized Waitrose yet there are many brands available that it’s best to choose your favorite. Our breaded fish fillets were plaice, but any type of frozen white fish is fine. For instance, cod, as well as haddock, are great choices.