The Instant Pot Duo Evo Plus is one of the newest models from the company with all the biggest improvement and high-end features that only Instant Pot can deliver.

They’ve taken every little thing you enjoy concerning the traditional Instant Pot Duo, made some layout renovations, and added numerous new functions that I believe you’ll like!

The Instant Pot DUO Plus 9-in-1 is an updated version of the best seller Instant Pot DUO60, which is the pressure cooker that we would suggest to most people.

So what extras do you get with the Evo Plus 9-in1? Extra cooking settings like the cake, egg, and sterilize that comes with the Ultra model, and a slightly nicer looking LCD screen.

Which’s practically it, otherwise these makers are generally similar. So is it worth the upgrade?

Well, if those couple of additional presets and a somewhat extra streamlined screen are worth spending a bit much more to you, then go all out! Otherwise, we would usually recommend saving the extra cost and going for the DUO60.


Instant Pot Duo Evo Plus Review

The Duo Evo Plus is the most up to date version of the electric pressure cooker made by Instant Pot. It is presently available in the 6-quart and 8-quart dimensions. (Today, I can only discover the 8-quart at Williams-Sonoma.).

It has 8 predetermined buttons on the sides, and a dial you can make use of to establish to 48 personalized food preparation programs. (Do not obtain overwhelmed, though! The must-use switches coincide as always: Pressure Prepare and also Saute.).

Several past versions of the Instant Pot provided different button areas, extra presets, or tweaks to the lid, but all the makers ran actually likewise. However, with this new Immediate Pot Evo Plus, there are some major adjustments to the components themselves.

What collections this model besides previous versions is that Instantaneous Pot has actually revamped this pressure stove to consist of features that users have actually been asking for!

Design and Performance

Utilizing dedicated switches for every of its cooking presets, you can quickly call in your favored food preparation setting on the Duo Evo Plus 9 in 1.

Plus/minus buttons are after that utilized to change temperature and also time, which we located to be quite intuitive. If we’re breaking hairs we simulated the dials on the Breville Fast Slow Pro far better than these buttons, however overall we really felt flawlessly pleased with the Instant Pot DUO Plus 9-in-1’s user interface.

The huge LCD, in particular, is fairly great, as it presents clear and quickly readable signs.


The Instant Pot Duo Evo Plus uses a sensing unit to toggle between 9.3 and also 11.6 psi over stress and in between 4.35 and 7.25 psi on the Low-pressure setting.

  • The 6-quart Evo Plus is 1200 watts, 13 pounds, as well as 13.03 ″ × 12.68 ″ × 12.8 ″.
  • The 8-quart Evo And also is 1400 watts, 15 extra pounds, as well as 14.37 ″ × 13.9 ″ × 14.2 ″.

The Instant Pot Duo Evo Plus features one red and also one clear silicone gasket.

They advise making use of one for savory and one for wonderful. It also features a redesigned low heavy steam shelf with manages. If you want to make use of the rack however do not desire the takes care of up, you can fold them over flat and utilize it in your Instant Pot.


From all our research that we have actually done, we assume the Instant Pot has done an exceptional job on refining the original Immediate Pot.

On paper, we’re already in love with the Duo Evo Plus– we directly think this latest generation will certainly be a great version to purchase.

We can not wait to obtain our hands on one to check the attributes & efficiency via experiments in our Examination Kitchen!

The Immediate Pot Duo Evo And also is currently readily available for preorder on Amazon in both the 6 quarts and also 8 quarts.