Finding the difference between the Instant pot 6 qt vs 8 qt is way more than the obvious size gap.

In this review, we are going to give you the in-depth differences between these 2 Instant Pot sizes

The Instant Pot fever started a few years back in 2010, and now there’s a good quantity of models and sizes, but the 6 quarts and 8 quarts are the most popular sizes.

Today we going to give you a full review of each size (6 and 8) and what they have to offer, so you know which one is the best suit for your kitchen

Understood for its rate, it has the ability to work up a meal approximately 70% faster than traditional approaches (this alone, makes it an eye-catching alternative for lots of individuals).

Perhaps the most significant of all, nonetheless, is its numerous capabilities. Not just does it serve as a slow-moving cooker/pressure stove, but it is also capable of doing various other things such as a rice maker, steam foods, and also make yogurt, just to name a few.

Taking into consideration all that it uses, it’s not unusual to understand that many have selected to embrace the Instant Pot lifestyle.

Why mess the kitchen area countertop with numerous gadgets when you can just utilize one single appliance, right?

Designed for busy individuals and also family members, individuals can conveniently additionally prepare dishes in advance with its “postponed start” function- that way, whatever is cooked and also ready by the time you obtain home! In a manner, you can consider the Instant Pot as your own personal, robot chef.

Instant Pot 6 qt vs 8 qt – Different Designs


As you can most likely expect from such a popular device, there are many versions presently offered for acquisition on the market.

Currently, one of the most prominent version is the Instant Pot Duo. The 3rd generation, the 7-in-1 is the first version that is able to make yogurt.

Contrasted to its predecessor, it additionally includes some expensive additions such as little slots in the deal with area, where you can rest the lid. In addition to the conventional Duo, there is additionally a Duo And also version that comes with a brand-new “disinfect feature.”

When it comes to the “Economic situation” alternative, we have the Lux. The Duo’s predecessor, it includes six features: saute, maintain cozy, slow cook, pressure cook, make rice, as well as steam. Unlike the Duo, it just features one pressure setting (i.e. “reduced”) for stress cooking.

For those that are desiring something a little fancier, there’s the Smart model. Not just does it feature a much more useful screen, yet it likewise has an app, which can be coupled with the tool through Bluetooth. Using predetermined “recipe scripts”, the cooker can prepare a range of meals with journalism of a switch.

One of the newest versions is the Ultra. Full with a new user interface, it makes use of a spin dial for optimum personalization. Mentioning which, its “ultra” establishing allows for you to manage even one of the most minute details of your cooking.

What other Sizes Are Available?


For your comfort, the Instant Pot can be found in a range of sizes. Depending upon the quantity of food that you’ll be needing to prepare on a regular basis, you can acquire one as necessary for your requirements.

We have a full review of the different sizes Here

Generally speaking, the stove can be found in four various dimensions- 3 qt, 5 qt, 6 qt, and 8 qt.

Which dimension should you obtain? That depends. If you’re just most likely to be cooking on your own, the tiny 3-quart will possibly be enough; on the flip side, you’ll probably intend to choose an 8 qt model if you have family members of six. Along with that, you may want to consider what you wish to prepare with the pot (e.g. whole poultry vs poultry wings).

Listed below, we’ll be taking a look at the distinctions between the 8 quart as well as 6-quart designs.

Instant Pot: 8 Quart vs 6 Quart

First things initially, let’s go over which versions are available in what dimension.

  • Duo: Offered in 3, 6, and 8 quart
  • Smart: Available in 3, 6, and also 8 quart
  • Lux: Available in 3, 6, 8 quart

The Lux is the only model that comesw in a 3-quart size.

Ultra: Only available in 6 quart

As you can possibly see, all of the versions, with the exemption of the Instant Pot Ultra, are offered in the 6-quart and also 8-quart dimensions.

The 6 Quart Instant Pot:

  • Usually a good alternative for family members of 3 ~ 5.
  • Can formulate to 3 cups of rice (i.e. 6 portions).
  • Can cook up to 16 cups of fluid (e.g. soup).
  • Readily available in the Lux, Duo, Duo Plus, as well as Smart versions.

The 8 Quart Instant Pot:

  • Best suited for families that have 6 up to 8 members.
  • It might be an excellent choice for those that wish to have leftovers for the next day.
  • Helpful for set food preparation (for freezing objectives).
  • Offered in the Lux, Duo, Duo Plus, as well as Smart designs.

Instant Pot 6 qt vs 8 qtWhich size should I Get?

Depending on how many people remain in your house, both the 6 quarts as well as the 8 quarts Instant Pot are strong options.

Generally, if you’re an ordinary family with average demands, the 6 quart is sufficient (actually, you can still quickly obtain leftovers). Having stated that, it obviously, relies on what you’re cooking as well as the dish.

Concerns to ask on your own if you’re making a decision between the 6 as well as the 8 quarts:.

— The number of people will I be cooking for often?
— Will I be doing any batch cooking?
— Am I thinking about having leftovers for the next day?
— What sort of recipes will I be making?

Note: Remember, both the 6 and also 8-quart versions cook food at the same rate!

Ideally, you have actually discovered our comparison of the 6 as well as 8 quart Instant Pot designs valuable.

Whether you have actually chosen to go for the smaller or larger version, something’s without a doubt- the cooker will assist lots in the cooking area!