The only Electric pressure cooker that comes with the ability to connect with Wifi is the Instant pot Smart.

Now even is updated before it was a 9 in 1 multifunctional but now in 2020 is just like the Instant Pot Max labeled as Unlimited!

If you enjoy Smart gadgets or you have a smart house, the IP Smart is the best addition to your kitchen.

And if you wouldn’t care about using your cooker from your phone you are good with the Instant Pot Duo or Duo Plus that are almost the same model without the Wifi and Smart functionalities.

Pros +

  • It will send you a mobile notification once the cooking is complete
  • Connects with Wifi
  • Easy to Use App
  • Unlimited Functions

Cons –

  • Adding Wi-Fi doesn’t give you integration with any voice assistants or other smart home products.
  • You can’t actually change a cooking mode in the app once it’s started cooking.


Instant Pot Smart WiFi Review – Overview

This brand is popular right now. A new Instant Pot Smart Wi-fi will certainly set you back $150, which is well worth the cash. The technology in this model is remarkable.

Although it was created with the classic 1,000 watts and 6 quarts of area, the brand-new Wi-fi innovation integration is something to rave around.

This allows you to use the Instant Pot app to control a few of its features on your smartphone. You may be paying more, however, you’re additionally getting an extra smart multicooker.

If you’re a person who doesn’t check their multi-cooker while it’s food preparation, then you will absolutely like the WiFi feature of this multicooker. It will certainly maintain you notified of the cooking condition without you required to be there in the area.

But if you prefer to remain in the room the whole time, after that you will benefit a lot more from a cheaper design.


The 6-quart, 1,000-watt Instantaneous Pot Smart Wi-fi measures 12.5 by 12.2 by 13.2 inches (HWD), which occupies a significant quantity of counter space. In terms of style, it looks basically the same to its non-Wi-Fi siblings.

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The stainless steel pot has black plastic that takes care of attached to each side and a removable stainless steel internal pot. The front is residence to the control panel and a large, blue LCD. The controls include two stress indicators, 3 mode indications, four procedure tricks, and also 14 feature secrets.

There’s also a stainless steel cover, which houses a heavy steam release device, float shutoff, as well as marks that reveal which method to twist in order to open up or close it. Flip the lid over as well as you’ll find the sealing ring, securing ring shelf, anti-block shield, lid-locking pin, as well as an exhaust valve.

How To Use

Out of the box, you need to manually attach the float valve, anti-block shield, condensation collection agency, and also power cord to the Instant Pot. While the handbook consists of step-by-step directions on just how to attach all of the items, I discovered it a little confusing and also frustrating. I adhered to along to a tutorial on Immediate Pot’s YouTube channel rather, which demonstrates the process more plainly.

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To start, connect one side of the power cord into the side of the pot and the other into the electrical outlet to transform it on. After that, move the condensation collection agency into its dedicated port on the right side of the maker. Under of the cover, get rid of the anti-block shield and rearrange it right into area.

Then remove the securing ring around it as well as re-install it right into the rack. Last but not least, remove the silicone cap from the float valve, place the float shutoff right into the top, as well as reattach the cap to the base of the valve. Once all the items are in area, safeguard the cover back onto the pot.

In the box you’ll likewise discover devices for food preparation consisting of a vapor rack, serving spoons, a gauging cup, and red mitts.

Instant Pot Smart APP

To couple the Instant Pot with your phone, you initially require to download the Instant Pot application, which is available for Android as well as iPhone.

Once you have actually created an account as well as checked in, tap on My Instruments, after that Add Smart WiFi, and also choose your Instantaneous Pot version. Then choose your Wi-Fi network (make sure it’s 2.4 GHz) and also type in the password. On the Instantaneous Pot, press as well as hold the Stress Level button for 3 secs up until the screen checks out APP.

To finish the configuration, attach to the Immediate Pot’s own Wi-Fi network on your phone, as well as it will after that automatically connect to your home Wi-Fi network.

The Instant Pot app opens up to the Recipes tab. Below you can scroll with groups like breakfast, treat, kid-friendly meals, and also the latest enhancements.

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A search bar is at the top for specific dishes or ones that utilize components you already have. There’s also a Favorites tab that saves all the recipes you’ve such as in the app. Under My Gadgets, you can access all the Instantaneous Pot gadgets linked to your account.

There is likewise a Grocery store List tab, which is where you can monitor all the ingredients you require for upcoming recipes you wish to cook. Under the Aid tab are tutorials on starting, pairing, cooking ideas, client assistance, and more.

Recipes that work with the Smart Wi-fi pot (currently more than 750) reveal a Chef Currently button within the food preparation instructions and also are pre-programmed in the pot itself.

When you touch Cook Now, the pot automatically adjusts to the called for setups and also starts food preparation. You can likewise create your very own dish manuscript, with alternatives to customize every little thing from the temperature to home heating level as well as even appear.

The Start feature permits you to start cooking from another location. Once you select the meal you want to make and the setting you wish to prepare in, you can tailor the pressure, duration, and warmth level using the app.

You can additionally set two different timers for a postponed beginning, depending on the local time you intend to begin food preparation. Additionally, you can turn on the Keep Warm mode to keep the recipe warm prior to offering it.

The Immediate Pot is compatible with Google Assistant also. If you remain in an additional room, you can check its cooking condition or control the pot with voice commands like, “Hey Google, set the program on my stove to vapor.” It is available in helpful when your hands are filthy from prepping active ingredients and also you do not intend to touch the pot.


Instant Pot Smart Wifi
  • Cooking Quality
  • Price
  • Safety
  • Operating Temperatures
  • Features


If would like to get a Smart Wi-Fi-connected multicooker, the Instant Pot Smart WiFi cooks well and brings you those internet-enabled extras. Otherwise, you’ll do just as well with a more affordable Instant Pot model.