Most of the people have an inquiry in their mind, exists any distinction in between rice cooker and also the pressure cooker? The answer is of course. However, the most standard feature of both is that both are utilized to prepare rice. In regards to appearance, both the stoves may look similar, however, they are different in terms of features.

Right here, we will supply you with the primary difference between the two kitchen area devices. Also, after recognizing all the distinctions, you might transform your ideas concerning a rice cooker also.

For those who don’t understand, a pressure cooker chefs rice way also quick as compared to a rice stove.


Rice Cookers Vs Pressure Cookers Similarities

Before we start wth the differences lets start with some important things that make these two cookers similar.

When it comes to cooking rice both can do a good job, also in tmerm of conter top space they also are similar.

They both can cook rice easily and quickly nd they both look similar in temrs of design

Rice Cookers Vs Pressure Cookers Differences

Both home appliances cook food by utilizing steam. Nonetheless, the resemblance stops there. A rice cooker includes an external casing with the heating pad or coil, an inner pot, and also a lid. It may or might not feature additional parts such as a steaming basket or a basic tofu maker.

The burner in the rice stove heats up the fluid with the rice, causing it to evaporate and also rely on vapor. The rice then soaks up the warm fluid and also comes to be soft. This clarifies why the fluid added right into the rice stove “vanishes” once the rice is prepared.

A pressure cooker, on the other hand, includes comparable parts as a rice cooker yet with specific differences. A pressure cooker comes with a pressure sensor and a cover that can be secured or locked.

The lid normally has a rubber lining to prevent vapor from running away. This permits the stove to enhance and also keep the stress degree inside the pot. It chefs the food more quickly than conventional pots because of the combination of warm and also pressure.

Rice cooker calls for an outside home heating resource such as heating coil or pad. The device consists of a top cover as well as a few of them likewise contains added components like tofu maker or steaming basket. The home heating source in the cooker is utilized to warm the rice with fluid. As a result of heat, the fluid evaporates as well as becomes vapor. Throughout the procedure, rice soaks up the fluid and then makes it soft. As soon as you open the cover in a rice stove, the fluid has been totally taken in which implies rice is prepared properly.

A stress cooker may look similar to a rice cooker, nevertheless, there are a great deal of differences. The stress stove has a lid which can be shut or secured. Here, lid includes a rubber cellular lining which avoids the steam to escape from the stove. It also contains a stress sensor which signals concerning the stress inside. Furthermore, a pressure cooker chefs food more effectively as compared to a rice stove.

A rice cooker can be used for food preparation rice and also some other meals. There are various types of rice cookers available out there. A Solitary feature rice stove can be just made use of for food preparation rice while a multi-functional rice cooker can be made use of to prepare meat, fish, boil eggs with steam, vegetables, and so on. Nonetheless, it takes more time.

When compared to a rice cooker, a pressure stove functions great for preparing a large proportion of meat. In order to make recipes like roast or stew, a pressure stove will work best for you.

The multi-purpose stress stoves can additionally be made use of as sluggish cookers for making rice. Therefore, a pressure stove makes a lot of jobs simple for you. If you possess a pressure stove in the kitchen, then you do not require to buy a rice cooker individually.

Which one makes the rice better?

Most of us assume that a devoted rice cooker will always cook much better rice that is why we consider buying a single feature rice cooker. Yet before you pick this, you require to see the advantages and disadvantages of both the cookers.


Rice cookers are best for food preparation rice and a varied range of sorts of rice. Rice comes in a range of various kinds pertaining to flavor, grain, and aroma. A rice cooker will cook all kinds of rice for you perfectly. The automated shut down attribute gives ease to the customers, as well as this feature makes it an energy conserving device.

A pressure cooker will constantly prepare food faster for you and additionally needs fewer fluids for the food preparation process.

A considerable advantage of utilizing a pressure cooker is that it ruins the microbes present in food enabling you to consume tidy as well as hygienic food. This is since the temperature inside the pot climbs above the normal boiling factor level of water.

This implies that a stress cooker can be used as a sterilizer as well as you can sterilize different cooking area devices, containers, cans, etc. With the securing lid attribute, the food flavors are constantly maintained inside. A stress stove is a perfect selection for people living at high altitudes where food cooks at a slower speed due to the winter.


If you are getting a rice cooker, don’t go for a single feature cooker. A single function will certainly not cook anything aside from rice. It may have the ability to cook other types of foods like fish, sliced vegetables, little portions of meat, etc. yet it will certainly take much longer time.

A pressure cooker is hefty as well as difficult to move around in the kitchen. This likewise makes it tough to clean. Managing stress stoves indicates that you need to work with greater temperature levels, some security worries are a must.

Are Rice cookers the best choice?

For the purpose of comparison, let us consider single-function rice cookers and also tiny stress stoves. Below are their advantages and also constraints:

Rice Cookers Pros

A rice cooker is the best appliance to prepare various kinds of rice flawlessly in regards to appearance, flavor and also fragrance. It includes automated shut-off as well as keep warm functions, and is taken into consideration an extra power reliable means to cook rice than a stove-top pot.

A pressure cooker, on the other hand, cooks food much faster and also requires much less water/liquids for food preparation. Considering that it can raise temperatures over the typical boiling point of water, it works in destroying bacteria that might be present in the food.

It can also be made use of to sterilize canisters, glass containers, and baby bottles. Due to the fact that the food preparation pot is sealed, a stress cooker can also maintain food flavors more effectively. Hence, it requires less added flavors and also seasonings. It is the recommended stove in areas found at high elevations since it can speed up the cooking procedure.

Rice Cookers Cons

Unless it is a multi-function cooker, a rice cooker can not prepare anything else apart from rice. Although it may still be used to prepare various other kinds of food such as oatmeal, fish, as well as thinly-sliced vegetables as well as meats, it does take longer to finish the job. The pot itself is not sealed and also the temperature level within the food preparation chamber just gets to the boiling point of water. For this reason, a rice cooker is not as effective for tenderizing meats or disinfecting things.

Pressure cookers often tend to be bulkier, heavier and also a lot more expensive. Considering that they can reach higher temperatures and also pressure levels, there are security issues related to them. They are additionally rather bothersome to clean as a result of the rubberized securing ring as well as their weight.

Rice Cookers Vs Pressure Cookers – Which one should you buy?

If you should pick between a pressure cooker and also a rice stove, consider the type of functions you desire a home appliance to do, and what sorts of recipes you intend to prepare.

It may make sense to own a dedicated rice stove if you intend on making rice at almost every meal like so many individuals do.

Are Stovetop Pressure Cookers As Good as Electric When Making Rice?

One last factor to consider is whether you may want to get a range leading pressure stove or an electric stress stove. Typically speaking electric pressure cookers will prepare the rice at the press of a button just like your electrical rice stoves will certainly yet the stovetop designs will provide you a lot more adaptability while keeping prices lower and maintaining your cooking area closets less cluttered.

The important thing for us nevertheless is the size. If your family is big you should get a bigger cooker. You can check our page about choosing the right size rice cooker for more info. You can also check our page about the best pressure cookers.