In this review, you will learn everything about the instant pot steamer basket.

Why you need them? What are the different uses and recipes? What are the best instant pot steamer basket to buy? And More.

Why you Need an Instant Pot Steamer Basket?

If you regularly use your Instant Pot, you’ll need to have a steaming rack or your steel or silicone steamer basket close by. When utilized with this appliance, the basket elevates food from sitting directly externally of the insert dish.

This is important for two factors. For beginners, it creates a less rough food preparation environment when cooking delicate foods, like eggs. Also, given that fluid has to always be added when utilizing the pressure cooker function, the cleaner basket is valuable in boosting certain foods that are best prepared away in the liquid, like meatloaf and also certain desserts.

When to Use a Steamer Basket in an Instant Pot

Any great dish will certainly inform you specifically when to use a steamer basket (or sometimes, a rack or trivet like we perform in the potato dish shown over). Yet just in situation, you’re making a meal on the fly and also intended to double check, right here are a couple of foods and also dishes that always take advantage of a lift:

Eggs: Due to the fact that they’re so fragile, eggs benefit from being positioned in a cleaner basket in the Immediate Pot. Since the eggs aren’t resting straight versus the insert, they’re less likely to be jostled or damaged during food preparation.

Hard or firm vegetables: The stress cooker feature on your Instant Pot is also a clever service for cooking difficult or firm veggies quickly. Make use of a steamer basket to stop the veggies from taking in way too much of the water in the bottom of the pot. This is specifically vital when making potatoes.

Meatloaf, whole chicken, and various other meats: Making use of a steamer basket or rack to elevate meatloaf as well as a whole then is a clever solution to stop the food from getting soaked.

Bread and cakes: Yes, you can even make points like bread and cheesecake in your Immediate Pot, but do prepare them on a steamer basket or rack so they’re not resting in the water at the end of the insert.

3 EASY Instant Pot Steamer Basket Recipes

Does The Instant Pot Come With A Steamer Basket?

Sadly, the Immediate Pot does not include a Steamer basket. You will get a short rack and also trivet which can be made use of for steaming certain kinds of products yet a real basket has to be bought separately.

Best-Selling Instant Pot Steamer Basket and Inserts

Stainless-steel Cleaner Basket

The inner pot of 6-Quart made by Instant Pot is 8 inches in size, the flexible fit of this basket will stop food from falling out.

Not just do we enjoy steaming broccoli or potatoes with this steamer basket (it truly assists potatoes to retain their structure), we also like cooking chicken with it. As revealed below in our Crispy Pressure Stove Chicken as well as Sauce Dish, the chicken’s dripping made a homemade sauce at the same time utilizing this basket!

Highlights: Stainless-steel, Compact, Conveniently adjustable size, Dishwasher safe, Can quickly eliminate it from the pot

Dimension: 5.3 to 9.25 inches (Perfect for small to medium saucepan & any type of 6-quart electrical stress cookers).

Note: We bought our steamer basket at a neighborhood shop. We discovered the one offered in the web link has one of the most constant & fantastic client evaluations amongst several similar steamer baskets.

Stainless-steel Steaming Rack Stand.

Essential in our kitchen! We use it often for our Pot-in-Pot (PIP) food preparation technique. You can see it at work with recipe + video clip here: Stress Cooker Teriyaki Poultry as well as Rice Recipe.

We have one steamer rack that is 5 ″ Diameter as well as another shelf 6.5 ″ Diameter. They both fit easily right into our 6-Quart Instant Pot Pressure Cookers.

Highlights: Stainless steel, Budget-friendly, Compact, Easy to clean, Perfect for the Pot-in-Pot cooking method.

Dimension: 5 ″ Size: 5 D x 2 H x 5 W inches.

Stackable Stainless-steel Steamer Insert Pans.

These stainless-steel stackable cleaner frying pans are prominent among Instant Pot users as well as they are just best for the Pot-in-Pot (PIP) cooking technique.

Wide Rim Steamer Basket.

Among the most popular sold-out Immediate Pot Add-on! Luckily, the provider restocks promptly.

This cleaner basket can also be used as a light-weight filter. So, you can clean, drain, as well as vapor your food in this all-in-one cleaner basket.

You’ll enjoy this if you make your very own bone broth or stock since you can conveniently eliminate all the components at the same time, rather than scooping them out bit by bit.

Highlights: Stainless steel, Sturdy, Well built, Dishwasher safe, Budget-friendly.

Dimension: 8-1/4 ″ Size x 4-3/4 ″ Height (Legs: 5/8 ″)– suits 6-Quart Immediate Pot Stress Cooker.

Capacity: 3 quarts.

Note: You require to eliminate the manages to fit it into your 6-Quart Immediate Pot.

8 Inches Bamboo Steamer.

A must have addon!

The ideal buddy for a dim such as Shumai Dish (Shrimp & Pork Dumplings) or Har Gow (Shrimp Dumplings). Trust me, dark amount merely tastes better in a bamboo cleaner as several of its natural bamboo scents will certainly be instilled while steaming.

Several of our viewers asked if the bamboo steamer will stand up against the high heat in the stress stove. We are not totally certain, yet we utilized ours periodically for virtually a year in the Immediate Pot and they have not revealed any kind of wear & tear yet.

You may ask what is far better than a solitary bamboo steamer? 2 Tiers bamboo cleaner suggests much more dim sum at the exact same time!!.

Highlights: Easy to make use of, Dome shape cover protects against water vapor from leaking onto the food, Easy to clean up.

Dimension: 8-inch (8 x 8 x 5.5 inches)– fits comfortably into 6-quart Instant Pot.